What To Wear In Las Vegas – Dos And Don’ts

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When it comes to holidaying in Vegas, you can just let your creative juices flow like never before. So if you are wondering what to wear in Las Vegas, then you will be glad to know that we are here to help. Today, in this article, we will introduce you to some of the amazing ideas you can go with while dressing up for your Vegas trip. Although Vegas lets you do whatever your heart desires (of course, without harming anyone), it is always good to plan before the trips, especially your outfits. You need to map your likes and dislikes and make sure that your clothes are comfortable because, after all, it is a vacation that you are on. Below we have listed some tips and ideas that will help you plan your Vegas looks effortlessly. And rest assured that your clothes will always be on point and picture-ready. All you have to do now is scroll down and find everything you need to know. So, go ahead and give this piece a read!

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  • Consider comfortable footwear, and we cannot stress this enough. Sneakers, flip-flops and anything that can relentlessly keep up with long walks.
  • Carry a ton of sunscreen – because a tan might sound fashionable, but not a sunburn that this desert city gives you. Make that waterproof too, if you decide to jump into the pool in the middle of the night.
  • Jazz up your look with accessories, by all means with blingy stuff.
  • Walk around and explore, don’t just restrict yourself to the strip.


  • Don’t try and pull a Kardashian in the pursuit of fitting in; you don’t have to. Really.
  • Carry any new footwear, let alone stilettos. Also, do not be over-confident about your walking-in-heels skills.
  • There’s a thin line between having fun and dressing like a cabaret crew member, tread cautiously.
  • Go blingy, but again in good measure.

What To Wear In Las Vegas – Dressing Tips

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1. Bold Or Vibrant Colors During The Day

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You might spend your nights hopping club or casinos, but there’s so much more to explore during the day. There’s so much happening round the clock that 24 hours are just aren’t enough. Unless, you plan to be at your hotel all day long, throw in some bold or vibrant colored dresses and get out. And, when I say bright colors it can be anything from accessories, shoes, layers or even sunglasses. Fits the Vegas bill.

2. Rompers Or Playsuits – Come A Long Way

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If there’s one place you can never be underdressed or overdressed, then it is Vegas. You can fall on either side of the spectrum, and nobody cares. It’s not rare to see people in pajamas, flip-flops or yoga pants all days long. However, some places have dress codes so play it on the comfortable side with rompers, playsuits, etc. You don’t have to try hard to fit in but meet in the middle to hit that sweet spot anyway.

3. A Velvet Dress, An Asymmetrical Or The LBD

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Do not account for just one dress a day while in Vegas, because you will need more than one considering the heat. Take some of your best party wear dresses when you hit the bar or the casino. There’s some fascinating about dressing in a velvet dress to the nightclubs and matching to the grandeur of the place and the vibe. Or, a chic looking asymmetrical dress with pumps and a statement body bag. If you are like me and fickle minded, throw in your classic bodycon LBD in your duffel bag anyway, it never goes out of style and comes handy too.

4. Stock Up – The Fancy Swimsuits

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One of the days, if you are not in the mood to get out, laze around the pool, but in style. When in Vegas, remember everything happens in style. So, either jumping into the pool or sipping on your frozen cocktail by the poolside, do it in your best swim suit. And, don’t you shy away, nobody is judging you for what you are wearing.

5. Accessorize – To Your Heart’s Content

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Be it a large rhinestone clutch, body jewelry, statement neck pieces, finger rings or anything else you want to doll up in, put your best party foot forward. During the day, reflectors or fedora hats are fashion opportunities to up your accessories game.

6. Footwear – Comfortable And Kickass

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Footwear can make or break your Vegas experience. Go with shoes/sandals you have tried before and are sure about them. Enjoying the Vegas strip comes with an unsaid condition that you need to wear something comfortable. It’s no easy feat to strut around in your six-inch-ers throughout the day, forget about covering the stretch. It’s just not worth the pain. Wear flats, gladiators, flip flops or sneakers that cushion your feet. Carry a change once you are indoors, and that’s the best advice someone gave me.

5. Makeup – Vibrant And On-point

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I know there is room for all our craziness in Vegas, but if it’s not you, you don’t have to do it. Just keep your makeup vibrant that pops out in the right proportion and on-point. By all means, try all those eccentric lipstick shades that you otherwise wouldn’t work with. As long as we remember – there is a thin line between being unique and unnecessarily over the top.

  • Places To Visit In Las Vegas

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The Las Vegas strip in itself has a lot to offer, and you’d probably be pacing up and down the strip. And, here are things you can’t miss.

  • The famous Bellagio fountains and Cirque de Soleil.
  • Riding the gondola at Venetian—breathe in a little Europe while in Vegas.
  • The Mob and Neon museums—if you are a person who likes history.
  • Since you’re around the corner, make trips to the nearby attractions like the Red Rock Canyon Park, Hoover Dam or even the Grand Canyon.
  • The glitz, glamor, lights, and grandeur will be your guide, keep you on a high that will stay with you well after your trip is over. So, yes when in Vegas follow the vibe.
  • Weather In Las Vegas

The desert city gets a lot of sunshine and is neither unusually cold or not. From my experience, I could tell you that weather will never be a reason for your Vegas trip going bad. The temperatures are varied. So, when you want to make a trip is relative to each of us.

March, April, and October are probably the best and most pleasant months in Vegas. They are warm, pleasant and breezy.

May is warm with the high 70s and 80s, nothing you can’t manage.

June and July, the first half of July is the hottest when temperatures are in the high 90s and touches 100s almost every other day.


August – While the first couple of weeks are still hot, the temperature sees a slight drop as September approaches. You could expect anywhere between the 80s and 90s around this time.

November to February is relatively colder. However, there’s no need for snow boots or your North Face jackets.

After going through this extensive list of dos and don’ts, confusion about what to wear in Las Vegas should not concern you anymore. Rompers, playsuits, your favorite LBD, swimsuits, or footwear, your options are endless, and you can even experiment with them. And not just attires, make-ups can also accentuate your already standout looks and make everyone’s head turn your way. So, party hard and slay because it is Vegas, girl! A place like Las Vegas truly gives you the freedom to be unique, creative, and fashionable, all in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the strip in Las Vegas?

Everyone who has been here or plans to visit, associate the place with the famous ‘Las Vegas Strip’ which is about 4.5 miles. All the glitz, glamor, lights, hotels and all things Vegas-y are on this strip – Las Vegas Boulevard, to be more precise. While Mandalay Hotel is South most part of the strip, the Stratosphere is at the Northern end.

When is the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas?

Vegas gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year, so anytime is usually okay. However, summers which are July & August are the hottest, so you also get steal deals on hotels etc. The most pleasant months are Feb-April; and October-November. A few days before and after the New Year’s Eve is the most expensive and crowded in Vegas. So there’s not really one best time to visit, it’s a matter of choice.


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